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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Extreme Green Team is committed to providing all our clients celebrity-level design-build services and the best building experience possible. 

Meet The Team

President - Roberto James Montoya BSEE/MBA 


Roberto is an engineer green builder, film executive, and international humanitarian committed to sustainable construction technologies and enabling others to attain a higher quality of life.  Roberto holds a patent for an insulated concrete form system as a result of his 20 years of experience in the green building industry.  With over 350 residential commercial and residential green building projects including major landmarks like Sandia Pueblo Church, Desert Springs Church, and Tesuque Pueblo Church, Roberto has had a huge influence on the green building industry. 

Internationally Roberto has worked and done humanitarian work in Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Haiti, and Zambia where he is working as a Liaison for education and business development of the 7M member Bemba tribe.     In Haiti, he worked to provide safe housing using his proprietary system and teamed up with a group managing a tent city of around 20,000 displaced Haitians following the devastating earthquake of 2009.  

CEO - James Montoya PhD 


James is a green builder and Pastor with decades of experience managing hundreds of thousands of acres of federal lands in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado including acting as the District Ranger for Pikes Peak Ranger District for the US Forest Service.  James was worked directly for the Deputy Undersecretary of the US Department of Agriculture Dr. Floyd Horn for 2 ½ years.  James has been an NM General Contractor GB98 since when he started his first residential development in Las Vegas, NM in 1986.    When he retired from the US Forest Service in 2001, he and his son rebranded the company as Extreme Green and focused on environmentally friendly construction using Insulated Concrete Form construction.  James is the manager of all the natural resources and landscaping for the High Desert Home Association as they endeavor to create a community that does not disturb the natural environment.  As a minister and community leader, James works primarily in Valencia County to help with the restoration of formerly incarcerated and their families.   He co-hosts internet-based television and radio shows that are viewed internationally in English and Spanish.  He is very passionate about helping connect with the community, especially during the post-pandemic era.   James has a great passion for helping people locally and around the world.

Staff Architect - Rob Vadurro BAA/AIA 


Extreme Green Corporation has engaged Rob Vadurro as our in-house Architect to provide Architectural Services for all our commercial projects.   This enables us to all architectural drawings for the project including the Master Plan Drawings, City Planning Documents, Base Build Drawings, Tennant Improvements Drawings, and Marketing materials if needed.  Extreme Green Corporation and Rob Vadurro have decades of combined experience in building and designing projects in Santa Fe and New Mexico. Our collaboration offers the Partners the advantages of a design-build approach. The main advantage is the greater ability to control costs, as the contractor and architect work hand and hand. We are readily available to consider many alternatives and designs with renderings to help visualize the proposals and can provide the Partners with immediate cost and schedule impacts for optimized solutions. With the proposed project’s schedule and simplicity, this could be a real asset for the Partners. Additionally, we are in a favorable position to provide future tenants/ owners with the advantages of a design-build approach for the tenant improvement phase of the project.  Rob’s experience with dozens of NM State Parks landmark projects along with vast commercial projects such as the Eldorado Hotel in downtown Santa Fe makes him ideally suited for the Globally visible Santa Fe Studios project.   

Our Clients

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