Tiny Homes by Extreme Green

Extreme Green is now producing Hyve Micro Spaces for its customers. 


Minimal, elegant structures built from highest quality hardware, materials and though efficient construction methods to be built on the lightest structural footprint.

Meticulously engineered hyve suites provides you with an elegant and efficient home, office or community that connects you to your ecosystem and your priorities, enabling you to focus on moreon what your priorities are with less expense.   Using 1 - any number of units, we connect hyve to meet your needs.

Our concept is wrapped around the idea that we need less to live full lives.  In a hyve suite, one to four can live simple lives, connected to the ecosystem they live amongst, reducing their costs, carbon footprint, and overall consumption.  Hyveconnections allow offices or communal living where the infrastructure (kitchen, baths, storage) is more shared, reducing individual costs, and the privacy, and individual needs are met.  Hyve community enables people to live and share space and costs as they deem fit and appropriate.   As the community grows, we add suites, growing as your needs demand.